by 神秘人 at 2020-08-10

The Rise Of China’s Unbelievable High-Speed Railways

中国的创新还体现在他们建设交通大项目的速度上。所以,在这个视频中,你将看到中国高速铁路系统的崛起,推动国家的不断进步和发展。通过高铁连接城市对中国区域经济发展起着重要作用。 正文翻译

0 评论翻译 0 Dolly Lim Unimaginable! Cannot find this anywhere in the world, except in China!

难以想象!除了中国,世界上任何地方都找不到这个!0 0 Robert Schlesinger Actually, I prefer to call these Trump supporters and cronies by the name: Trumpanzees. And they are Trumpanzees. Thank you for your comment.

事实上,我更愿意称这些特朗普的支持者和密友为“特朗普支持者”,他们是特朗普派。谢谢你的评论。0 0 Mane Trigolini the only oligarchy country is our USA government full of ignorance and lies, China is now the new world leader along with the Russians and We(USA) are in clearly, Vulgar and fast decline now!

唯一的寡头政治国家是我们的美国政府,充满了无知和谎言。中国现在是新的世界领袖,和俄罗斯一样,我们美国现在明显是粗俗的,而且在快速衰落!0 0 Aafif Sabu @FREEDOM JAM China is five times the size of Indian economy.

中国的经济规模是印度的五倍。0 C KEVIN @FREEDOM JAM how about the bridge now ? India make it 10 years.

那座桥现在怎么样了?印度造了10年。0 FREEDOM JAM @C KEVIN My country, Malaysia, is also very slow. Malay management feels terrible. Most members accept bribes. Malaysia needs Chinese to lead the country and become a small China.India is building an Indian aircraft carrier, and it hasn’t been good since 2007. When India has built its own aircraft carrier, I already have grandsons.

我的国家,马来西亚,也很慢。马来人的管理感觉糟透了。大多数人接受贿赂。马来西亚需要中国人来领导国家,成为一个小中国。印度正在建造一艘航空母舰,自2007年以来一直没造好。当印度建造好了自己的航母的时候,我已经有孙子了。0 Chekkala Raj Kumar High speed train starting 2008,2019 high speed train network 30,000 kilometers,Wow incredible china

高铁开始于2008年,2019年高铁网络3万公里,哇,难以置信的中国。0 0 enzhus From 1988, China also built 149600km expressway. If you want to get rich, build roads first.

从1988年开始,中国还修建了149600公里的高速公路。如果你想致富,先修路。0 Maxchitop Max To chekaka raj kumar ... don't laud too much on china ..otherswise yours country man will unhappy then say china stolen technology belong to indian ...

@Chekkala Raj Kumar,不要对中国赞美太多……其他国家的人会不高兴,然后说中国偷了属于印度的技术…0 atheist M @Cjango Freeman still not finish land procurement , farmers protesting they don't want give farm land

@Cjango Freeman,(印度高铁)仍然没有完成土地征收,农民抗议,不想给他们农田。0 0 Man Mana Believe me now is not the time to praise china as most youtube users are Americans and indians and Anti-china reteoric is all time high.

相信我,现在不是赞美中国的时候,因为大多数油管用户都是美国人和印度人,反华情绪空前高涨。0 0 New Informative TV i love china's techs................from pakistan

我喜欢中国的技术,来自巴基斯坦。0 Thad Dunkin The U.S. could have the same thing if they didn't have the most bloated military budget in the world by 10 times. America is such a useless toilet, overflowing with greed, racism and corruption.

如果美国的军事预算没有那么多,美国也会有同样的情况。美国就是个没用的厕所,充斥着贪婪、种族主义和腐败。0 Mane Trigolini We(USA) are now falling apart, meanwhile China is now the new global leader in every single aspect including technology !

我们(美国)现在正在崩溃,与此同时,中国现在是包括技术在内的每一个方面的新的全球领导者!0 Omni Mino Too much money in military. The economy tanked because too much spending on military.

(美国)太多的钱花在了军事上。由于军费开支过多,经济一落千丈。0 Joss Dionne The West "passed the baton" but keeps stupidly running behind China trying to take it back. Just wait your turn, next time around!

西方“递过来接力棒(高铁)”,却愚蠢地跑在中国后面,并试图夺回接力棒。只有等到下一回合了!0 Jean Leveille I took this train 4 times, really good. From Canada.

我坐过4次这种火车,真的很好。我来自加拿大。0 Dave Barker imagine how complex the Chinese high speed railway network will be in 30 years commute times will be so low on average that all of china will be like one big city

想象一下,30年后中国的高速铁路网将会多么复杂。平均通勤时间将会非常低,以至于整个中国就像一个大城市。0 LEILA NABZ If China hard started rooting from Africa 10years ago,, it would be 2times a super power of the world by now

如果中国从10年前开始立足于非洲,中国的实力目前会是全世界的2倍。0 Robert Schlesinger Excellent video on the absolutely amazing advances taking place in China. It will be many decades before America has such high speed trains and rail lines. But I'm sure that once most Americans learn of these great technical and engineering advances that China enjoys, they will make the absurd claim that China took nonexistent American technology to build the high speed rail systems throughout China. Thank you for the wonderful video. I am envious of the Chinese having such an advanced infrastructure.

关于中国正在发生的绝对惊人的进步的优秀视频。几十年后,美国才会有这样的高速列车和铁路线。但我相信,一旦大多数美国人了解了中国享受的这些伟大的技术和工程进步,他们就会荒谬地宣称,中国用根本不存在的美国技术在中国各地建造高铁系统。谢谢你精彩的视频。我羡慕中国人拥有如此先进的基础设施。0 0 0 Flyingaceful Amazing China achievements! This only happens inChina! God bless China!

神奇的中国成就!这只会发生在中国!上帝保佑中国!0 IPG Meanwhile in Portugal after more than 30 years of back and forth conversations, we're still not decided when to start the construction of the first miles of the HRS.

与此同时,在葡萄牙,经过30多年的反复讨论,我们仍然没有决定何时开始建造第一英里的高速铁路。0 Paulo Rodrigues Amazing innovation! In an short time, congratulatiions chinese people

惊人的创新!在很短的时间里,我们向中国人民表示祝贺。0 william willie I'd like to see them build a High-Speed Rail across the Bering Strait

我希望看到他们修建一条横跨白令海峡的高铁。0 FREEDOM JAM American cities (long history, as if going back in time) Chinese cities (cyberpunk, Doraemon by your side)

美国城市(历史悠久,仿佛时光倒流),中国城市(未来世界,哆啦a梦在你身边)。0 0 Kelvin Khoo Simply amazing...China is the best in infrastructures....Go go China Jai You

惊人的成就……中国的基础设施最好,加油,中国,加油。0 0 Nurudin Jafferji India and Pakistan should have the same development plans rather then fighting each other

印度和巴基斯坦应该有相同的发展计划,而不是互相争斗。0 FREEDOM JAM Brother, India has already spent everything to buy arms with the Soviet unx to fight China. India has gone bankrupt. Regardless of whether India can defeat China or not, India’s future will also lose. Pakistan has a good friend of China, and good things must be friends. Enjoy together

兄弟,印度已经花了所有的钱买苏联的武器来对抗中国。印度已经破产了。不管印度能否打败中国,印度的未来也会输。巴基斯坦有中国好朋友,好东西一定是朋友一起享受。0 Xye Leyx Were is the trans-himalayan railway to Nepal from tibet?

从西藏到尼泊尔的跨喜马拉雅铁路在哪里?0 0 farman ali make videos on china successful achieve their space program and china send a robot on mars

中国成功实现了他们的太空计划,中国将一个机器人送上了火星。0 AQuietNight Do all these high speed rail networks lose money, cover their costs or make a surplus?Passenger train service is usually costly and tend to not cover their costs.

所有这些高速铁路网络是亏损、盈亏平衡还是盈利的?客运列车服务通常成本高昂,往往无法弥补成本。0 william willie The federal government offered to pay 90% of the bill for High-Speed Rail in Ohio.Our Republican Governor said no.

联邦政府愿意为俄亥俄州的高速铁路支付90%的费用,而我们的共和党州长说不。0 Mayangone It would be more educational if you can show maps of cities and the specific connected rail-lines before you present that portion.