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0 评论翻译 (1)Highly enjoyable —— kosmasp

非常享受0 This movie is really funny and brutal at the same time. Which is a hard thing to balance. Violence is "real" (with consequences for the characters involved that is), but the humor still works. Two factors play into that in my estimation: The scxt and the really good actors playing in this.

这部电影真的非常有趣,但同时也反映了残酷的现实。在这两者之间很难取得平衡,暴力部分拍的非常真实(包括几个主要角色的结局),但是幽默部分也非常饱满。在我看来,有两个因素在发挥着作用:好的剧本以及优秀的演员0 0 (2)You will either get it or you won''t.... —— lyx-1

你可能理解这部电影,也可能无法理解0 There are so many funny metaphors but you do need to be somewhat acquainted with Chinese to understand them.

这部电影里面有很多有趣的暗示,但是你需要对中国人有所了解,才能够理解这些暗喻。0 I think this will be a difficult film for non-Chinese to grasp, especially with a lot of deadpan satire and dark humor.

我觉得这部电影对于一个外国人(非中国人)来说是很难理解的,尤其是这里面充满大量的故作严肃地讽刺以及很多黑色幽默情节0 0 0 (3)Definition of a pleasant surprise. —— Al_The_Strange

讨人喜欢的惊喜0 At the time of this writing, this is listed as China''s highest-grossing domestic film.

写这段评论的时候,这部电影是当时中国票房最高的国产电影0 I went into it expecting some kind of action-packed blockbuster (especially with the title "Let the Bullets Fly," got me expecting stylish John Woo style gunfights or something).

在我看之前,我期待这部电影是某种动作大片(尤其是他的电影名叫做“让子弹飞”,所以当时我就觉得这可能是一部吴宇森式的枪战电影)0 0 0 The storytelling is satisfying. Even though the comedy can be a huge hit-or-a-miss, and there are a few unbelievable scenes, the characters shine through and dominate the spotlight.

故事的叙述相当令人满意,尽管喜剧部分很可能造成这部剧不成功便成仁,并且这里有一些不合理的场景,但是主角们依旧在聚光灯下面熠熠生辉。0 It''s hard not to enjoy the antics of the bandits and the thugs, and their complex interactions.

很难不去享受土匪和恶霸之间的搞怪剧情以及复杂的互动0 It''s especially hard not to appreciate the complexity of the plotting and counter-plotting that both gangs go through; with the rapid-fire pacing, it may be convoluted for some viewers, but I was never fully lost.

尤其是这部剧的复杂情节以及两个势力之间的对抗情节,很难让大家不去欣赏;影片节奏非常的紧凑,这可能会让一些观众有些迷惑,但是我还没有完全迷失过。0 Each scene is set up to advance the plot in strange new directions, leading up to a rather fun climax. In the end, I enjoyed watching the chemistry between the characters and their intricate mind games, more than the action.

每个场景的设置都是为了将情节推进到一个全新的陌生领域,从而将剧情推向一个相当有趣的高潮。最后,我更喜欢几个主角和他们的脑力博弈之间发生的化学反应,而不是动作镜头0 0 0 0 4/5 (entertainment: 4/5, story: 4.5/5, film: 4/5)

娱乐效果4颗星,故事情节4颗星,电影效果4颗星(总分5颗星的话)0 (4)Simply the best Chinese movie in 2010 —— fullpaperjacket1

简直是2010年最好的中国电影0 In early 1920s, China was in civil war and it was an era when disorder became part of life. Bangde Ma ( GE, You) who just became the mayor of a remote town through bribery was robbed by a group of bandits led by Pock Zhang ( JIANG, Wen).

1920年早期,中国正在发生内战,在这段时期,混乱成为了百姓生活的一部分。马邦德(葛优)通过贿赂成为了一个偏远乡镇的县长,在途中被张麻子(姜文)带领的一伙土匪所劫持0 However Ma could not afford any ransom because he had used up all his money for bribery and the only way to collect money was to use the ruling power of the mayor title. Zhang decided to take Ma''s position as the new mayor while Ma posed as his private adviser under the name of Tang.

但是,马付不起赎金,因为他已经把所有钱都用在了买官上面,筹到钱的唯一方式就是利用县长一职的权力来敛财,张麻子决定替代马邦德,成为新县长;同时马邦德化名为汤师爷作为他的私人顾问0 Their destination, the Goose Town, was actually controlled by notorious mafia clan of the Huang family and the only way to collect money was to fully cooperate with the family and handed out most of their gains.

他们的目的地,鹅城,已经完全被臭名昭著的恶霸——黄氏一家所控制,所以筹集钱财的唯一方式就是和他们合作,然后将敛到财物中的大部分交给他们0 However Zhang was only interested in rich families black money and believed in fair justice for each person, which made Huang the IV ( CHOW, Yun-Fat), the boss of the clan, very very unhappy. Almost immediately Zhang and Huang became enemies and the Goose Town would soon turn to be a battle field as well as a stage of hypocrisy, cheating, apathy and snobbery.

但是,张麻子只对那些富人家庭的黑钱感兴趣,而且相信公正,这让黄四郎(黄氏家族的老大)非常的不高兴。所以张麻子和黄四郎几乎就在那一刻,成为了敌人,而成很快就成为了一处战争地带,在这里上演着虚伪、狡诈、势利以及冷漠0 The first impression of the movie is that it is no doubt of a typical Hollywood style action comedy composed by every piece of commercial element you can find in other Hollywood action movies such as gun firing, explosions, beauties, muscles, fast moving, slangs, and etc.

这部电影给我的第一印象就是:毫无疑问这是一部典型的好莱坞式的动作喜剧片,整合了各种各样的商业元素(你能在其他的好莱坞动作电影中发现,例如:枪战、爆破、美女、肌肉、赛车、脏话等等)0 The movie itself is of great fun and you will laugh from the beginning to the end.

这部电影真的非常有趣,你将会从头笑到尾0 0 The problem, however, is how to interpret Jiang Wen. Let the Bullets Fly is becoming one of the hottest and the most appraised movies in recent years in China neither because it is more dazzling than the Avatar nor because it is more surprising than the Inception.

然而,有一个问题,就是如何解读姜文,让子弹飞正在变得越来越欢迎,而且也是近些年中最受好评的电影(既不是因为他比《阿凡达》更耀眼,也不是因为它比《盗梦空间》更加的令人惊讶)0 It is welcomed because many Chinese viewers regard the story as a mirror of present China and a movie with strong critical acclaim should have not been approved for public show by the authority such as Jiang Wen''s previous movie the Devils on the Doorstep.

它之所以这么受欢迎,是因为中国观众把这个故事当作现实中国的一面镜子,而且一部带有强烈批判韵味的电影,官方是不允许被展示给公众的,就像姜文之前的一部叫做《鬼子来了》的电影0 Interestingly, different people can interpret the movie in a way they like and this may be the power of a comedy. Frankly speaking, if you are not a Chinese, chances are you will enjoy the movie for funny stuff while not the metaphor of the movie.

有趣的是,不同的人可以以他们自己喜欢的方式解读这部电影,这可能就是喜剧的力量吧,坦白地讲,如果你不是一个中国人,你也许只能把这部电影当作一部喜剧片来看,而不能理解这部电影背后暗含的意义0 (5)Hollywood should move to China. —— carbuff

好莱坞应该搬到中国0 0 If there was a better film made in 2010, I don''t know what it is. I''m sure that I missed a ton of allusions and stuff that a Chinese person would catch instantly, but it doesn''t matter, because even if I didn''t get half of it, the half I got was still over-the-top great.

如果说在2010年还有哪部电影比它好的话,那我还真的想不出来。我确信自己错过了很多中国人能够理解的暗示,但是这不是问题,因为即使有一半我无法理解,但是我能够理解的那一半已经让这部电影显得非常棒了0 The only real warning I would offer is that mixed in with the action, humor, wit, and clever plot twists there are a few bits of harsh violence, which might not be appropriate for young children. While this is no "chick flick", I think a lot of women would enjoy it too.

我所能做出的唯一的提示就是:这部电影在动作、幽默、机智和巧妙地情节转折处,穿插了一些残酷的暴力情节(对年轻人来说这可能有些不太适合),尽管这不是“言情片”,但是我认为大多数的女性都能够接受这部电影0 It''s definitely an intelligent movie which is overtly artistic and much more than just a bunch of macho guys spilling blood and blowing things up.

这绝对是一部充满智慧的电影,具有明显的艺术性,而不仅仅只是一群大男子主义者之间的流血冲突以及爆炸情景0 0 How did two plus hours go by so fast? I have no idea. Nuts to Hollywood, these Chinese just totally kicked it.

为何这两个多小时过的是如此之快?我完全没有意识到,疯狂的好莱坞,中国人完全能够踢倒它0 (6)Bullets Flow in The Sky —— bluegobin-926-480184

让子弹在空中飞一会0 Jiang Wen is a good actor and great director. He reminds me of Clint Eastwood, who is also a good actor and great director. Wen Jiang only have 4 films as director, he is not productive but every film he made is masterpiece to me. I love the Devils on the Doorstep most, it tell some truth no one fear to say.

姜文既是一个好演员也是一位好导演,他让我想起了克林特·伊斯特伍德(东木),一位好演员也是一位优秀的导演。姜文执导过四部电影,产量不是很高,但是每部电影都是杰作,我最喜欢的是他的那部《鬼子来了》,他教会了我“总会有人不惧说出真相”0 Let The Bullets Fly is newest work of Jiang Wen. I watched the Chuan idiom edition today, very love it. Chuan idiom is one of Chinese hundreds idiom, the people live in Sichuan Province and Chongqing use it in their daily life. The reason why the movie have a idiom edition because the scxt is adapted from a novel of a old Sichuan writer. That''s too much fun to watch the movie with the familiar idiom. However I love it not because the idiom, the reason is it''s a good movie.

让子弹飞是姜文最新的作品(2011的影评),我看的是四川版的,非常喜欢它,四川话是众多中国方言中的一种,主要是生活在四川省和重庆市的人的生活用语,这部电影之所以会有一个四川版本,是因为这部电影的剧本改编于一本四川小说。那就使得带有相似风俗的人观看这部电影时,感觉会更加的有趣,但是我喜欢它并不是因为它拥有一个传统版本,而是因为这部电影本身就足够优秀。0 This movie is mixture of Quentin Tarantino and Sergio Leone, full of bizarre funny idea and masculinity. The last film The Sun Also Rises is criticized too vague, so this one is totally a commercial film. But as the one said in this film, he can made money without knee to others, Jiang Wen not knee to business, there''s no disgusting ads and low-grade lines only passion for a good work, that''s not easy for present Chinese film. This is why I respect him.

这部电影可以说是昆汀·塔伦蒂诺(电影的特色为非线性叙事的剧情、讽刺题材、暴力美学以及新黑色电影的风格)和塞尔吉奥·里昂(被誉为“意大利西部片之父”)的混合体,充满了怪诞有趣的想法以及男子气概之美。他的最新电影《太阳照常升起》被批评过于模糊,所以是一部完全意义上的商业片。但是就像这部电影中所说的一样,他能站着赚钱,姜文没有向赚钱卑躬屈膝,这里没有恶心的广告以及低级的台词,唯一存在的就是为了一部优秀的作品所付出的激情,对于中国当代电影来说这是非常不易的,这也就是为什么我非常尊重姜文的原因。0 0 Although this is a good movie, the non Chinese native speakers may found a little difficult to understand it, it like more a Cult than a commercial film to them.

尽管这是一部优秀的电影,但是对于那些不会讲中文的人来说想要理解它,是非常困难的事情,对他们来说你这更像是一部时髦的电影,而不是一部商业片(相对于文艺片和纪实片而言)0 (7)Comedy and violence don''t work together particularly well but mostly it is playful and benefits from good performances —— bob the moo

喜剧因素并没有很好的结合在一起,但是大多数的情况下,都还是很有趣的,这要得益于这几位演员的精彩演技0 "Pocky" Zhang is a notorious bandit who robs trains and any other soft target. When a train robbery turns up no loot, a different prize is sought as it does contain a con artist (Tang) who was on his way to Goose Town to pose as their Governor for a while then make off with the taxes. Zhang agrees to spare Tang in exchange for the role and together they head to Goose Town, however once there they discover that the role of Governor is secondary to that of Godfather – a role held by Master Huang.

张麻子是一位臭名昭著的土匪(抢劫火车以及其他的软弱目标),当一场火车抢劫案没有赃物的时候,他当然要寻找一个同等价值的替代物,这里就出现了一位骗子艺术家(汤——葛优),答应让张麻子假扮他们的县长前往鹅城,收税筹钱。张麻子同意去假扮汤,一起前往鹅城,但是他们一到那里就发现自己虽然是县长但只能是老二,真正的老大是——黄四郎0 0 0 At times it is quite playful and witty but then at the same time it is pretty violent .

但是,里面的一些剧情相当的逗趣和烧脑,但是同时也有非常暴力的情节0 In and of itself, I don''t have a problem with this because it can work but in this case I didn''t feel like it did as the violence was almost too jarring and too heavy or serious to really be able to be darkly funny in the way needed.

就这部电影本身而言,因为我自身没能搞明白,所以我没有什么问题,但是有些地方我并不这么认为,因为暴力那部分太过于刺耳了,有些沉重、严肃,以至于和之前表现出来的黑色幽默,感觉上不是很一致。0 The direction is a little bit excessive in the same way – not making its different extremes really work together particularly well, but it does still have some things about it which I enjoyed and mostly the tone of the film is consistent.

这部影片的导演也有一点过头,两个极端之间的融合做的还不够,但它还是有一些我非常喜欢的地方,而且这部电影的大部分基调都是一致的。0 The winner for me was the performances from the lead actors because they sold their characters better than the material did. Chow overplays it perhaps but he is a good foil for the rather calmer playing from Wen Jiang (who I really liked here). Xiaogang Fen is fun too in support as Tang.

于我而言,这部电影最好的地方(获奖的地方)在于演员的表演,因为他们所扮演的角色更容易打动人。也许周润发的表演有一点夸大,但是他很好的衬托了姜文(在这部电影中,我真的非常喜欢他),冯小刚扮演的汤师爷也非常的有趣。(我觉得他说的是葛优扮演的马邦德,然后马邦德假扮的汤师爷,可能他没搞懂里面的人物关系)0 Although I am not Chinese, I did still quite enjoy this film even if I didn''t think it totally worked. The comedy aspect is odd and the violence doesn''t always work with it as it should, although the playful spirit of most of the film combines well with the delivery of Chow and Wen to make it better than it otherwise would have been.

尽管我不是一个中国人,但是我依旧很喜欢这部影片,即使我其实没有真正的搞明白,这部电影的内涵。喜剧剧情有点儿古怪,暴力部分没有发挥出我期待的效果,不过影片的大部分戏虐精神,在周润发和姜文的演绎之下很好的结合在了一起,让我觉得这是这部电影出彩的地方0 (7)Jian wen the Chinese Quentin Tarantino —— KineticSeoul

简文简直就是中国的昆汀·塔伦蒂诺(注:意大利裔美国导演、编剧、演员、制作人;《被解救的姜戈》以及《好莱坞往事)等)0 This is a movie that I thought would have a simple story and a lot of shoot em up.

我觉得这部电影的故事线很简单,但是却整合了大量的场景0 But it was actually the other way around.

但是事实恰恰相反0 In fact this movie sort of reminded me of Quentin Tarantino movies.

事实上,这部电影让我想起了昆汀·塔伦蒂诺的电影0 And wouldn''t be shocked if Quentin got some ideas from this movie for "Django Unchained".

如果说昆汀从这部电影中获得了一些灵感来完成《被解救的姜戈》(2012年),我也不会感到惊讶0 One thing I was disappointed with this movie is how it has Yun-Fat Chow is shown holding a pistol in the back cover of the DVD for this movie.

让我失望的是,这部电影的DVD光碟的后盖上是周润发拿着一把枪0 And was hoping for a dual pistol wielding showdown with Yun-Fat Chow and Jiang Wen but that never happens.

所以我一直在期待周润发和姜文拿着枪在对决,但是电影中根本没有出现我预想的那一幕0 In fact Jiang Wen is the one that shoots the most in this movie.

事实上,姜文是这部电影里面出现次数最多的人0 0 Even is one is the sharp shooting cool anti-hero guy and the other one is a bit obnoxious and yet dominant bad guy.

即使是一个非常酷的坏蛋神枪手还有一个是有点儿让人讨厌但是很强势的坏蛋0 The plot is cleverly crafted although it might have few plot-holes and don''t make sense during few scenarios.

尽管有几处情节漏洞和几处没有什么意义的场景,但是丝毫不影响故事情节巧妙地构思0 It''s just a very small gripe because everything else is just entertaining to watch.

这只是一个小小的抱怨,因为其他的一切都只是抱着娱乐的心态在看0 From the dialogue, the acting and the way Pocky Zhang(Jiang Wen) and Huang(Chow Yun-Fat) try to beat each other with mind games and strategy. Overall this is a well crafted movie and clever one as well.

从他们的对话、一举一动当中映射着张麻子(姜文)和黄四郎(周润发)试图打败彼此而进行的思想博弈,总的来说,这是一部精心制作的电影,当然也非常的讨巧0 It''s a movie well worth checking out and I personally will check out more past and future Jian Wen movies.

这部电影非常值得一看,我也推荐大家可以关注一下姜文的所有电影(过去以及未来)0 (8)A nice movie —— lubin2010

非常棒的电影0 I like this movie, and it''s quite interesting. It''s Jiang Wen''s fourth movie as a director.

我很喜欢这部影片,相当的有趣,这应该是姜文执导的第四部影片吧0 Many interesting things are shown by the director and actors. Most of the actors also do great jobs. My favorite actor in this film is Jiang Wen, who is also the director, as well as Ge You.

导演和演员为大家呈现了很多有趣的事情,大多数的演员演技都非常的好,这部电影里面我最喜欢的演员是姜文,也是这部电影的导演,然后就是葛优了0 The most attractive thing about this movie is that the story is quite coherent. The whole story happens in old China, when there are many corruptions in the old government and the governor of the county could be sold as long as you pay some money.

这部电影最具魅力的部分就是故事相当连贯,整个故事发生在旧中国,但是的政府有很多腐败因子存在,只要你能付得起钱,就能买到县长这样的官职0 Overall, i think this is a good movie, and the best one this year in China.