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为什么很多中国人喜欢吃饺子,世界各国人也喜欢吃饺子?(一) Why Many Chinese Like Eating Dumplings. And Why The World Does As Well

许多中国人喜欢吃饺子,这是一个事实。中国人在农历新年期间吃饺子。他们早餐、午餐和晚餐也常吃饺子。世界各地无数的人无论家庭背景如何,也喜欢吃饺子。 正文翻译

It’s a fact that many Chinese like to eat dumplings. Chinese people eat dumplings during the Lunar New Year. They eat dumplings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And countless others around the world regardless of background like eating dumplings too.

许多中国人喜欢吃饺子,这是一个事实。中国人在农历新年期间吃饺子。他们早餐、午餐和晚餐也常吃饺子。世界各地无数的人无论家庭背景如何,也喜欢吃饺子。0 Growing up, when my Chinese-Malaysian family went to out to yum cha, that was when I got to eat Chinese dumplings. These days, whenever I catch up with my Asian and non-Asian friends here in Melbourne, Chinese dumplings are usually on the menu.

在我成长的过程中,当我的马来西亚华人家庭去吃百胜茶时,我就开始吃中国饺子了。这些日子,每当我在墨尔本与亚洲和非亚洲朋友见面时,菜单上通常都有中国饺子。0 Defining ‘dumpling’ can be tricky. All over the world, there are dumplings of all shapes, sizes and fillings. Dumplings can be loosely thought of as ‘small pieces of dough…often wrapped around a filling’, either sweet or savoury, steamed, fried or boiled. They are often thought of as an easy, simple meal. But different dumplings have different origins, and each of us has our own reasons for eating dumplings.

给饺子下定义可能有点难。世界各地都有各种形状、大小和馅料的饺子。饺子可以被粗略地理解为“小块的面团,面团里包裹着馅料”,可以是甜的,也可以是咸的,蒸的,油炸的或水煮的。它们通常被认为是简单的饭菜。不同的饺子有不同的起源,每个人吃饺子都有自己的理由。0 0 Growing up in Malaysia, during Chinese New Year festivities in Malaysia, me and the extended Cantonese-speaking family always had yum cha breakfasts and lunches. We’d order dumplings like gao choi gao/shrimp-chives, shrimp, shrimp-pork with yellow skins and pork-shrimp . We ate them for so long.

我在马来西亚长大,在马来西亚过春节时,我和讲广东话的大家庭总是享用百胜茶早餐和午餐。我们点的饺子有韭菜饺子、虾饺、烧卖、潮州粉果。我们吃了很长时间。0 0 For many Chinese, part of the fun that comes with eating dumplings is making and plating them up together. Togetherness and the notion of family are virtues in Asian cultures. It takes time to knead dumpling dough, mince filling and wrap flattened dough around measured quantities of filling – all made by hand amidst gossiping with each other to pass the time making a meal of dumplings.

对许多中国人来说,吃饺子的乐趣之一就是包饺子。在亚洲文化中,团结的家庭观念是美德。揉面团、做馅料、用擀面杖擀皮,把饺子包好都需要时间——这些馅料都是手工制作的,在包饺子中,人们彼此闲聊来打发时间。0 0 0 Perhaps Chinese dumplings are more popular because they tend to come across as palatable. A kind of food so different, yet so similar to some of us. Chinese dumplings are similar to Western pasta such as ravioli, and so perhaps appear approachable to non-Chinese who eat pasta. Also, many Chinese dumplings don’t look much like adventurous food – they tend to be small, dainty, pieces of almost-finger-like food that can be easily popped in the mouth.

也许中国饺子更受欢迎,这是因为它们美味可口。这是一种与众不同,却又与我们中的一些食物非常相似的食物。中国饺子和西方的意大利面食类似,比如意大利混沌,对于吃意大利面食的非中国人来说,中国饺子显得平易近人。许多中国饺子看起来不太像需要下决心才敢尝试的食物——它们往往小巧玲珑,可以很容易地放进嘴里。0 Whenever me and my white Australian friend and peace-loving blogger Rebecca Rossi catch up, we usually do dumplings. Din Tai Fung is where we like to go, and my lovely friend always places orders for savoury veggie jiǎo zi and sweet taro paste baos . This restaurant is on the pricey side and some nights there are queues for a table. In a sense, while some dumplings are cheap convenient eats, some are more upmarket which we can call a treat.

每当我和我的澳大利亚白人朋友、热爱和平的博客作者丽贝卡.罗西叙旧时,我们通常会一起包饺子。鼎泰丰是我们喜欢去的地方,我可爱的朋友总是在这里点开胃蔬菜和香甜的芋泥包。这家餐馆价格昂贵,如果晚上去,有的时候还需要排队。从某种意义上说,虽然有些饺子是便宜方便的食物,但有些是高档昂贵的。0 All around the world, food tastes different, made different and served different, dumplings included. Some might say many places in Australia serve Westernised, non-authentic Chinese dumplings. many Chinese dumplings I’ve eaten in Australia have incredibly thicker and tougher skin, grittier filling and are saltier. In America, it seems that Westernised Chinese dumplings are common too. A few times I’ve ordered jiǎo zi in Melbourne and they came with straight up soy sauce; traditionally in Chinese culture, eating dumplings come with a vinegar-soy sauce combination or straight up vinegar.

世界各地的食物口味不同,制作方法不同,供应方式也不同,饺子也不例外。有人可能会说,澳大利亚很多地方的饺子都是西式的、不是正宗的中国饺子。我在澳大利亚吃过的许多中国饺子皮厚得难以置信,肉馅更硬,味道也更咸。在美国,西化的中国饺子也很常见。我在墨尔本点过几次饺子,它们都是直接搭配酱油的;在中国传统文化中,吃饺子要搭配醋和酱油,或直接搭配醋。0 Then again, our taste buds and palates are always changing, and hybrid cuisine is becoming more popular as the world is becoming more multicultural. Chocolate dim sum dumplings, anyone? Or how about bacon cheeseburger dumplings?

此外,我们的味蕾和味觉总是在变化,随着世界变得越来越多元化,混合烹饪也变得越来越受欢迎。有人想吃巧克力馅饺子吗?或者培根芝士汉堡饺子怎么样?0 Just as there are different kinds of dumplings, there are different ways to eat dumplings.during yum cha with the family when I was little (and even today), we never ate Chinese dumplings exclusively on their own. Apart from siu mai, dad ordered other yum cha items like radish cake, chicken glutinous rice and egg tart to make a well-rounded meal. Generally, eating dumplings is fairly healthy if they are vegetable based and not deep-fried.

饺子的种类不同,吃饺子的方法也不同。在我小时候和家人一起吃茶点时,我们从来不单独吃中国饺子。除了烧麦外,爸爸还点了其他的茶点食品,比如萝卜糕、鸡肉糯米糕和蛋挞,是一顿丰盛的晚餐。一般来说,饺子是相当健康的食品,饺子以蔬菜为主料,而且不用油炸。0 A few years ago, a Chinese restaurant opened beside my office. Around lunchtime on opening day, one of their Chinese wait staff came over to my work and brought over more than a few pieces of steamed and pan-fried chicken, pork, prawn-stuffed jiǎo zi – all on the house. Literally everyone in the office dropped what they were doing and helped themselves to the free dumplings – all gone in less than half an hour. They weren’t the best I’ve had. But as one of my white, beer-loving Aussie friends in the office said shortly after:

几年前,我办公室旁边开了一家中餐馆。大约在开业当天的午餐时间,他们的一名中国服务员来到我工作的地方,给我带来了不少蒸饺、猪肉馅饺子、鸡肉馅饺子、虾饺,所有这些饺子都是免费的。办公室里的每个人都放下手头的工作,享用了免费的饺子,不到半小时就吃光了这些饺子。不过,它们不是我吃过的最好的饺子。不久之后,我办公室里一位爱喝啤酒的澳大利亚白人朋友说:0 “When you want good Asian food like tasty dumplings, it’s best to go to a place that is packed with Asians.”

“当你想吃美味的亚洲美食,比如饺子时,最好去一个挤满了亚洲人的地方。”0 Do you like eating dumplings?

你喜欢吃饺子吗? 0 评论翻译 Maniparna Sengupta Majumder What a scrumptious post, Mabel Really enjoyed reading about the Chinese custom of eating dumplings. WE have similar dishes in India, called samosa. I love eating dumplings.By the way, are Chinese dim sums almost similar to dumplings?

很棒的帖子,真的很喜欢阅读有关中国人吃饺子的习俗的文章。在印度也有类似的菜肴,叫做咖喱角。我喜欢吃饺子。顺便问一下,中国的点心和饺子长得差不多吗?0 Mabel Kwong Samosa sounds like a catchy name, and a few other Indian bloggers also mentioned it in the comments too. So it really must be a popular dumpling in India. You are right. Chinese dim sums are similar to Chinese dumplings, in that they both have an outer wrapping or skin, and some kind of filling in the middle. They all taste different

这个名字听起来很吸引人,一些印度博客也在评论中提到了它。它一定是在印度很受欢迎的饺子。你说得对。中式点心和中式饺子很相似,都有外皮,中间有馅料。但它们的味道不一样。0 Bun Karyudo I love dumplings, Mabel! They’re super tasty! So far I haven’t eaten a kind I didn’t like, but I think the chocolate dim sum dumplings would test me to the limit.

我爱饺子,梅布尔!它们超级好吃!到目前为止,我还没有吃过不喜欢的饺子,但我认为巧克力馅饺子会挑战我的极限。0 Mabel Kwong I think the chocolate dumpling will make you fall more madly in love with dumplings. You’d probably be demanding both sweet and savoury dumplings next time you eat out.

我觉得巧克力馅饺子会让你更疯狂地爱上饺子。下次你出去吃饺子时,你可能会要求吃又甜又咸的饺子。0 0 0 0 0 Mabel Kwong “supply to meet our demand for hunger” I think this is exactly why so many dumpling places are popping up everywhere these days.

“为了果腹”,我想这就是现在到处都是饺子店的原因。0 0 0 Nana Arima Fantastic post! I love dumplings. My favourite were made by my grandma, with sweet cottage cheese filling and garnished with sour cream.

很棒的帖子!我喜欢吃饺子。我最喜欢的是奶奶做的饺子,里面有甜甜的松软干酪,还点缀着酸奶油。0 0 Christy B dumplings There are so many great versions – I have had many dumplings within the last year that are stuffed with pork and green onion. I didn’t know there are chocolate ones until I read your post!

饺子有很多好吃的品种,去年我吃了很多饺子,里面塞满了猪肉和葱。直到我看了你的帖子,我才知道还有巧克力馅饺子!0 Mabel Kwong Thanks, Christy! I’ve actually never had chocolate dumplings myself and am very keen on trying them. I imagine they are made for dessert of if you want a sweet snack

谢谢你,克里斯蒂!事实上,我自己从来没有吃过巧克力馅饺子,我非常想尝试。我想如果你想吃甜点的话,它们还可以作为甜点0 0 0 Sonyboy Fugaban Philippines’ accurate version of dumplings is empanada, one of my favorites actually. I rarely get the chance to eat it though because it’s not a staple of a typical Filipino meal. It can only be bought (usually) as a snack from cafeterias, canteens, eateries, or restaurants back home. Anyway, this post gave me a whole new level of appreciation for dumplings. You made me realize that “eating dumpling” is not for satisfying the appetite but a whole lot more of the family thing and positive vibes. A way of preserving strong family ties through good food. A reminder of hope, peace, abundance, brightness, prosperity.

菲律宾的饺子是肉馅卷饼,这是我最喜欢吃的饺子之一。我很少有机会吃到它,它不是典型的菲律宾主食。通常只能在自助餐厅、小餐馆或者家乡的餐馆里吃到它。 不管怎么说,这篇文章让我对饺子有了一个全新的认识。你让我意识到,“吃饺子”不只是为了满足食欲,而是为了家庭事务和积极的氛围。通过美食来保持紧密的家庭关系。这是希和平、富足、光明、繁荣、快乐的感觉。0 Mabel Kwong It never really is about just chewing and swallowing food. So often there are underlying emotions tied to the food we eat. Even fast food takes time to be prepared .

这不仅仅是咀嚼和吞咽食物,我们吃的食物往往会引发潜在的情绪。即使是快餐也需要精心准备。0 Forestwoodfolkart Something you wrote caught my attention: “… eating Chinese dumplings is often a meal where you share. In Chinese culture, teamwork punches above individuality” These words resonated with me, Mabel. I love this concept of sharing and think it could counteract the disconnection and marginalization certain people feel in our society. It is such a communal, collaborative and inclusive philosophy! I suspect that it is not only the sharing of traditional food that brings people together, but also that sense of belonging and feeling accepted for exactly who you are!

你写的一些东西引起了我的注意: “吃中国饺子通常是你们的团圆饭。在中国文化中,团队合作高于个性” 这些话引起了我的共鸣,梅布尔。我喜欢这种分享的概念,认为它可以抵消某些人在我们的社会中感受到的分离和边缘化。这是一种共同的、合作的、包容的理念!我怀疑不仅仅是传统食物的分享让人们走到了一起,这里面还有归属感和被接纳的感觉!0 Mabel Kwong You are so right in that food can counteract disconnection. It is can be the start of a friendship, a connection. We all need to eat, it’s something we all do.

你说得太对了,食物可以抵消隔阂。它可以是一段友谊的开始,建立一种联系。我们都需要吃饭,这是我们都在做的事情。0 Sinead Qiu My belly couldn’t help but rumble while I was reading this piece! It was very interesting !

当我读这篇文章的时候,我的肚子禁不住隆隆作响!这是非常有趣的!0 Mabel Kwong Thanks, Sinead. Hope you get to eat some dumplings at some point!

谢谢你,西娜德。希望你以后能吃到饺子!0 Jane Lurie Hi Mabel, I thoroughly enjoyed your post on dumplings and learned a lot. It is one of my favorite foods and we feel lucky in SF to have lots of great places to have dim sum.

嗨,梅布尔,我非常喜欢你关于饺子的帖子,也学到了很多东西。这是我最喜欢的食物之一,在旧金山有很多好地方可以吃到饺子,我们感到很幸运。0 Mabel Kwong I heard SF is similar to Melbourne in so many ways, from its trams to the Chinatown. Enjoy your dim sum there and if I do visit, you have to take me to the best dumplings there

我听说旧金山和墨尔本有很多相似之处。从有轨电车到唐人街,再到可以享用的点心,如果我去那里,你一定要带我去吃那里最好的饺子0 Imelda Dumplings are among my favorite Chinese food. It is almost comfort food to me. My one (food) regret being here where I am now is that there is no place providing good dumplings. Sometimes, when I visit an Asian store, I pick some frozen bags of shrimp and pork dumplings just to satisfy my craving.

饺子是我最喜欢的中国食物之一。对我来说,这是一种安慰食物。唯一的遗憾就是没有一个地方可以提供真正好吃的饺子。有时候,当我去亚洲商店时,我会挑选一些冷冻袋装的虾和猪肉饺子来满足我的欲望。0 Mabel Kwong Maybe one day there will be a nice dumpling place open in your area Hope the ones from the Asian store aren’t too bad. I heard they can be pretty good

也许有一天你们那里会开一家不错的饺子店,希望那家亚洲店的饺子不会太糟糕。我听说它们很不错0 Imelda I hope so, too. Yes, those prepared dumplings do satisfy.

我也希望如此。那些包好的饺子确实令人满意。0 Mabel Kwong Frozen, prepared dumplings are always better than nothing

冷冻、包好的饺子也总比没有饺子好0 Somali K Chakrabarti It is very interesting to read about the origin and the significance of dumplings in the Chinese culture. I love eating steamed dumplings stuffed with vegetables. Those are healthy and tasty, but I have never had a chocolate dim sum dumpling. We have sweet preparations in India which are similar to dumplings. One such sweet called modak is very popular in Mumbai, where I live. It is made of a wrap with coconut filling inside, which is then steamed.

阅读关于饺子在中国文化中的起源和意义的文章是很有趣的。我喜欢吃蔬菜馅蒸饺。这些即健康又美味,但我从来没有吃过巧克力馅饺子。 在印度,也有类似于饺子的甜食。在我居住的孟买,有一种叫做莫达克的甜食很受欢迎。它是用椰子馅包起来,然后蒸熟的。0 Mabel Kwong I’ve never had a chocolate dim sum dumpling too. Maybe one day. It is interesting to hear that India has a palate for sweet dumplings. As a fan of coconut, I think I’d enjoy the modak very much. And steamed too – healthier than deep fried

我也从来没有吃过巧克力馅饺子。也许有一天会吃到吧。听说印度人喜欢吃甜的饺子是件有趣的事。作为一个椰子的爱好者,我想我会非常喜欢吃莫达克。而且蒸的比油炸的更健康0 treerabold I love dumplings!Since I no longer eat meat I have to search for Veg based dumplings. There is a restaurant here that makes a mushroom based dumpling. I love them.

我喜欢吃饺子!由于我不再吃肉,我不得不搜索素馅饺子。这里有家餐馆做蘑菇馅饺子。我喜欢吃蘑菇馅饺子。0 Mabel Kwong Good to hear you can get veggie dumplings. Mushroom dumplings are one of my favourite dumplings. They are also so common nowadays and hope you do find even more delicious ones.

很高兴听到你能吃到素馅饺子。蘑菇馅饺子是我最喜欢吃的饺子之一。它们现在也很普遍,希望你能找到更好吃的。0 Hugh''s Views and News My mother used to make dumplings that were cooked alongside a beef or chicken stew. I don’t see many dumplings in the U.K, Mabel. We tend to see far more ravioli, which comes with various fillings like the ones in your post. I suppose they are very similar, but you may disagree with me.

我妈妈过去常常包饺子,饺子是和炖牛肉或鸡肉一起煮的。我在英国没见过有什么地方卖饺子。我们看到的更多的是意大利方形饺,里面有各种各样的馅料,就像你在文章中提到的那样。我想他们很相似,但你可能不同意我的看法。0 Mabel Kwong Ah, ravioli. I like that and agree they are they look like ravioli – such a resemblance to dumplings. I hope you still get to eat good ravioli today

啊,意大利方形饺。我喜欢吃这种饺子,也同意它们看起来很像饺子。我希望你今天还能吃到好吃的意大利方形饺0 bubblechristea Love this post! Dumplings just equal love in my household. My family normally gather together to make dumplings and it’s just a way of bonding and producing something yummy at the end!

我喜欢这篇文章!饺子在我的家里就等同于爱。我的家人通常聚在一起包饺子,这是一种联系的方式,大家一起做出美味的东西!0 Mabel Kwong “dumplings just equal love” Such a clever way to put it. Hope you get to make and eat dumplings with your family again soon. It sounds like a treat for you

“饺子就等同于爱”,这是一种巧妙的说法。希望你能尽快和家人一起包饺子吃。这对你来说是一种享受0 annjekins I’ve never had dumplings but now I want to try them..

我从来没有吃过饺子,但现在我想尝尝。0 Mabel Kwong I hope you get to try dumplings. One dumpling and you will never look back.