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act check: Can''t blame China for all Wisconsin job losses in manufacturing 纯评论,看看现在一些美国网民对他们国内工作岗位流失的看法 正文翻译

Fact check: Can''t blame China for all Wisconsin job losses in manufacturing

事实证明:威斯康辛州制造业工作岗位的流失不能全归咎于中国 0 评论翻译 0 0 0 0 D WTO, UN, WHO, IMF, G7 etc should be for Democratic countries. It should be tiered system with communists and dictators getting the least free trade advantage. So now what were you saying??

世贸组织、联合国、世卫组织、国际货币基金组织、七国集团等都应该支持民主国家。应该有一个分层体系,在这个体系里共产主义者和独裁者的自由贸易优势最小。 你刚才在说什么?0 Parky14 @D - You can thank Republicans for China''s "most favored trade nation status". It was first the brainchild of the Nixon administration and it was renewed under GW Bush. Now in yet another rewrite of actual history Trump and his cabal are trying to pin it all on Biden??? What a joke these clowns are!

@D-那要感谢共和党给予了中国“贸易最惠国待遇”。它最开始是尼克松政府的脑残主意,在布什政府的领导下得到了进一步发展。现在,又到了改写现实历史的一刻,特朗普和他的阴谋集团正试图把这一切都归咎于拜登???这些小丑真是个笑话!0 wazzup FINALLY someone saying something that is rational and real. There is hope afterall.

终于有人说了一些理性而真实的话。终究还是有希望的。0 baron48us Maybe ask why labor is so much cheaper in those countries. You can''t fault companies for going where labor is cheaper, but you can fault countries for having artificially cheap labor. Since labor is not free to move where wages are best, you need governments to step in and manage this situation.

也许你会问,为什么这些国家的劳动力会便宜得多。你不能责怪公司去选择劳动力更便宜的地方,但你可以责怪那些人为导致出现廉价劳动力的国家。由于劳动力不能自由地迁移到工资最高的地方,你需要政府介入并管理这种情况。0 GBear @baron48us cost of living. Do you expect countries to artificially inflate prices so it isn''t cheap to live there?

@baron48us考虑一下生活成本啊大哥。你以为国家人为地抬高价格,通货膨胀,这样生活在那里就不便宜了吗?0 18576 Yep, the China “dilemma” is all our own doing. We allowed US corporations to offshore manufacturing and other business in the name of more and more profit at the cost to American labor. Now, we are supposed to suck it up to help the corporations that cut American worker’s throats.

是的,与中国相关的“困境”都是我们自己造成的。我们允许美国公司以牺牲美国劳动力为代价,以越来越多的利润为名,离岸制造以及进行其他业务。现在,我们应该吸干这些公司来解决目前的困境,这些对美国工人进行割喉的狗公司。0 F Many of your collage grads level is high school level in Asia .... your education system sucks !! That is a fact !!

你的国大学毕业生很多都只是亚洲的高中水平而已……你国的教育系统糟透了!!这是事实!!0 trump''s a crook Our plant used to employ 4400 people. Now only 1500 but same production numbers. Technological improvements with automation are the reason. Had nothing to do with China.


Jdc Talk to the GE''s of the world and if they can save a buck MFG in China or overseas you can bet they are going to do it and still do. There are thousands of these corp operating today even with the low tax rate..

你去问问世界各地的通用电气公司,如果他们把工厂设在中国或海外其他国家能省一块钱的制造成本,我敢打赌,他们一定会这样做,且现在仍在这样做。即使税率很低,现今天仍有数千家这样的公司在这样运行…0 0 entropyend It started in the 70''s when US corporations found cheap labor in Japan, and sent manufacturing over there. It''s been expanding all over the world since then. Greedy businesses and stock holders created the downfall of American manufacturing many many years ago.


christopher Blame the corporations for moving the jobs. Don’t blame China or any politician left or right. It is the corporation that made the choice to move the jobs out of the USA

应该责怪公司转移了工作岗位。不要责怪中国或任何左派或右派政客。是各大公司做出了把工作迁出美国的选择0 wazzup You are making too much sense. Stop it. The ignorants only want conspiracies n scapegoating



Anonymous People are focused on the wrong issues. Nowadays lots of jobs are created for automation in many industries. All these industries require software jobs. All these jobs are moving to India. We should stop them before it''s too late.

大家的注意力集中在错误的方向上了。现在许多行业的工作都采用了自动化。所有这些行业都需要软件工作,而所有这些工作都转移到了印度。趁现在还来得及,我们应该阻止这些事情。0 wazzup True that


Mary What about job loss` to Mexico,, Briggs Straton… the auto industry... all went to Mexico so it wasn''t just China

别忘了还有岗位流失到了墨西哥,百力通公司……汽车工业……所有的一切都到墨西哥去了,不仅仅是中国而已0 AndrewDouglas Mexico is not an enemy or a threat.

墨西哥不是敌人,也不是威胁。0 jimmy Actually the auto industry''s smartest investment is china, which now is the world''s no. 1 auto market.

实际上,汽车行业最明智的投资是中国,中国现在是世界第一大汽车市场。0 Keng Americans are fat lazy bums. Blame yourself!!! Too much greed here! The rich just wants to get richer. Duh!!!!


UZ If people working manufacturing jobs got new and better jobs, would they care about the loss of manufacturing jobs. Grow domestic product per capita has been going up yet many Americans are worse off today. Why?

如果从事制造业工作的人找到了新的更好的工作,他们会关心制造业工作岗位的流失吗?现如今人均国内生产总值一直在增长,但许多美国人的失业情况反而更糟了。为什么会这样?0 David Jones @UZ from lies both parties both parties are to blame for all the problems in the U S each had total control at one time in D C to fix but both parties just blamed the only party so sad

@UZ两党和两党撒过的谎都要为美国的所有问题负责,每个党派都曾一度在华盛顿特区完全控制过局面,但两党只会指责对方,真的太令人难过了0 JoelG The Kung Fu Flu? Also, not every American is capable of handling a high tech job. Manufacturing is probably better suited for them. Besides, we shouldn''t allow one country to produce the majority of anything we need. We have to have a base of products produced at home. Just like we wouldn''t outsource all of our food. We can''t allow the outsourcing of the majority of our medicine or any other products.


Chief Why are we blaming China anyway when the real blame lies with the Davos crowd who drafted trade agreements that opened up the developing world for exploitation, knowing it''d have a dramatically negative impact on developed world labor and income?

我们为什么啥都要指责中国?真正的责任明明是在那群所谓的经济精英身上,他们起草了贸易协定,开放了对发展中国家的剥削,明知会对发达国家的劳动力和收入产生巨大的负面影响还是这样做了!0 JIM It''s actually Nixon''s fault. We had no contact with China before then, nor did the rest of the world.

这实际上是尼克松的错。在他之前,我们与中国都没有接触的,世界其他国家也没有。0 Unrestrained It''s not necessarily exploitation, it''s sharing some of the opportunities. Many in the third world countries are happy to work at sweat shop than starve to death.

也不能说是剥削,只是分享了一些机会。第三世界国家的许多人宁愿在血汗工厂工作,也不愿饿死。0 B H In another 10 years the revisionist history will tell that China sent military to force America to transfer jobs at gun point. LOL.


Bill Maybe trump and trump family will move manufacturing jobs in China to Wisconsin. Make trump2020 banners and maga hats in Wisconsin instead of China. LOL. I know that will never happen. I just needed to laugh.