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What prevents Russia from having an economy akin to modern China?



Khandu Patel, Gentleman of Leisure at The United Kingdom (2014-present)

Russia was already an industrialised country, a process forced upon it by World War II while China was an undeveloped economy.

All things considered, Russia’s per capita income of $10,000 dollar stills puts it above China’s $8,000 which means China still has some catching up to do with Russia. China sets itself apart from Russia in that it has strong fundamentals in its savings and currency reserves. Russia’s economy is hobbled by the West’s policy of isolating and punishment meted out to it while China gets away with murder and can hardly do any wrong.

Russia’s 150 million population today makes it a middling power whereas it was regarded as great power in the 19th century and a super power in the 20th century when it was the USSR. If it has aspirations to be a great power again, it has to prevent its population (like that of Europe’s) from vanishing because of its low birthrate and aging population. It seems that the Russian people have responded to Putin’s exhortation to do just that with his uncompromising nationalism. This cannot be said of Germany and even the UK which has been importing many millions of Muslims to make up for their demographic deficits.

Things that are really important cannot be measured by the yardstick of an economy’s performance. Russia and China are uncompromising on what constitutes their core values and identity. There is no reason to doubt that their future is in doubt. The same cannot be said of many nations in Europe. Europe should be really grateful if Russia was to rescue it from their misguided liberal elites.





Dima Vorobiev, former Propaganda Executive at Russia

Three main reasons:

We don’t have the huge reservoir of workforce in the Chinese countryside to build up the epic manufacturing capacity that drives the country. We hardly have manpower for the existing capacity. We got our countryside devastated in 1930s-1940s, and those who survived, moved to the cities in 1950s-1980s. We don’t have the Chinese work ethics. My impression is that the Chinese are busy every waking moment, and sit down only to eat or take a power nap. I know many Russians who are just like this, but it’s the Chinese consistency across the entire nation that blows my mind. We don’t have the Confucian ethics of responsibility among our elite. Our rulers hold themselves accountable only before the close circle of their family and friends, if anyone. The rest of nation for them is just a resource to be mined for whatever project they fancy to pursue. 三大原因:




Vladimir Abashkin, Current location: Russia

What prevents Russia from having an economy akin to modern China?

Soviet Union passed the phase where China currently is in 1950–1960. I.e. technically Russian Federation used to have economy akin to modern China. It became unsustainable in a long run and totally destroyed Russian demographics and the country itself.

Now Russian Federation is a chunk of USSR where 100+ years of capital investment into industry distributed among all the 15 republic for maximum efficiency were turned to zero with dissolution of the country and erection of borders where goods and resources used to flow freely.

And even mineral export revenues are invested into US treasuries, Swiss banks, UK offshores and overpriced houses in the French riviera.



现在,俄罗斯联邦是苏 联的一部分,su联时期,100多年来投入在工业的资本投资在15个共和国中分配,以实现最高效率,但随着苏 联的和边界的建立,货物和资源的自 由流动戛然而止。


Tom Gregory, former Engineer & Senior Executive Service at NASA (1957-1995)

“Pew Research polls Chinese public attitudes, and here are the numbers in recent years. Satisfaction with the direction of the country: 85 percent. Those who think they're better off than five years ago: 70 percent. Those who expect the future to be better: a whopping 82 percent.

China’s success over the last 30+ years cannot be ignored: a single party with a go nment goal of improving the citizens well-being, with a five year central plan, and with a go nment run by personnel selected from the brightest college graduates. Then a meritocracy for promotions. And decisions by a chain of multi person governing bodies. . (Thanks for the education on this goes to Godfree Roberts)

Could Russia adopt some of this?




Brian Chi Zhang, Engineer at Oscar Health (2018-present)

Hands and mouths.

In other word, population.

Russia inherited some fantastic advantageous prospects of USSR, but also lost one thing that was crucial to a strong economy: population.

If I was Putin, I'd start a major immigration incentive program to attract upwards of 200 Mil population to Russia, from India, China, Eastern Europe, and Africa, even South America a little bit. How to maintain race identity is another story.

Imagine the vast landmass and resources finally put to use. Climates might not be the best but trust me, combined with fine Vodka and a mixed racial population, Russia would be the next booming USA.

Just make sure not to elect a pumpkin head as your president ;)



俄罗斯继承了苏 联的一些极有利的优势,但也失去了一件对强大的经济至关重要的事情:人口。




Jahan Baklat, works at Local and Municipal Government

Why should Russia having an economy akin to China ? I don't understand the logic inside, besides Chinese economy is not that strong and healthy, the inefficient state owned enterprise grows bigger every year, and the debt grows with them and China is literally forced to boosting its already huge amount of debt, because once the expansion of debt stops the economy will be hit hard like the US economy back in 2007. And Russia is having one of the lowest debt among major economies.

In China the grows of GDP is the ultimate goal because it covers the problem and brings legitimacy that the Chinese g-ent desperately needed. So the GDP must be growing at every year and at a certain rate preset by the goverment, no matter of cost. I can only say that the mentality is insane..

Russia is growing slow, because the country is still recovering from the 70 years of Soviet rule, 70 years without merchants and market, that's something you can't revert in a mere 20 years, Russia can only have proper growth when the younger generation with experience with the market came to power.



俄罗斯的经济增长缓慢,因为这个国家仍在从苏 联70年的统治中复苏,这70年中没有商人、没有市场,短短20年内是无法恢复的,只有当具备了市场经验的年轻一代长权时,俄罗斯才能增长。

Sergei Lopatin

Harsh climate and plenty of oil.

The climate makes industrial production an expensive proposition in Russia, in general non-competitive globally.

The harsh climate makes impossible Chinese-like rice-based agriculture, highly productive in terms of calories per day per land area unit.

Look at where the majority of modern Chinese production capacity is concentrated - on the territories where it never snows.

Low at how inexpensive Chinese everyday food is. This translates directly into much lower minimally acceptable salaries of Chinese workers.

Oil supports highly oligarchical organization of Russian economy.







David Li, works at Hong Kong

oh simple, demographics and bad time to join the game. after the collapse of SU, russia population saw a steady decline. population are aging rapidly, there are many eldery make only a few bucks by selling goods in the street. Russia Expected to Lose 32 Million People by 2050 you see, russia is not competitive with a declining workforce with lots of elderly that needs to pension to surive while facing four economic crisis just after its independence, 1991 SU collapse and high inflation( icbms for sale),1998 bonds default(good bye ltcm), 2008 global meltdown and 2014 international sanctions. china has a workforce that is young and large to fill lots of job posts, with a international trade port(hong kong) that allows high volume of international funds to enter china, a long term player in manufacturing since 1980s, it obivious that russia could not win without adding some advantages that appeal to make goods or provide services while allowing investments.

哦,很简单,人口和参与世界经济的时机不佳。苏 联郑权垮台后,俄罗斯人口持续下降。人口迅速老龄化,有许多老人家在街上叫卖东西,只为赚取几块钱。预计到2050年,俄罗斯人口将减少3200万,你看,俄罗斯在面对独立后四次经济危机、1991年su联和高通胀(出售洲际弹道导弹)、1998年债券违约(再见,长期资本管理)、2008年全球金融危机和2014年国际制裁的情况下,凭借不断减少的劳动力、依赖养老金生活的老年人,是不具备什么竞争力的。而中国有一支年轻而庞大的劳动力队伍来填补大量的工作岗位,有一个国际贸易港(香港),允许大量的国际资本进入中国,是自20世纪80年代以来制造业的长期参与者,很明显,如果俄罗斯不多挖掘一些优势,在允许投资入境的同时制造商品或提供服务,俄罗斯并没有胜算。

Jalil Abdullayev, knows Korean


Russia simply does not have the population size that China has.

In terms of GDP per capita Russia is already well above China




Alan Tam, lives in Singapore (1987-present)

Because former ussr was defeated by the US and China combined. Russian inherited the basically a pile of rubbish


Elaine Liu

I am a Chinese and I admit that Chinese economy has many problems. But I think Chinese people really work harder than people in most countries. We know that Chinese population is large and the competitions are so fierce, everyone needs to work hard if he doesn’t want to be left behind. Under the circumstances that people work hard and proper reform plan, rapid economy growth is easy to achieve.


Kees van Bemmelen, former Retired Dutch Journalist

re the first of the three reasons you mention: how about admitting some of the millions of refugees who escaped from war and other miseries in parts of the world relatively near Russia’s doorstep?


Dmitry Anikeev, Boss (2007-present)

Lack of Death Penalty for co ption and large scale economic crime is the biggest obstacle to any Economy model in Russia.

没有对腐 败和大规模经济犯罪执行死刑,是俄罗斯经济模式的最大障碍。

Özgür Özcan,

No two economies are alike but one might underline that the sheer volume of cheap labor is the biggest advantage that China has over other countries in the region.


Jim Curtice

Have to open up to investment from all over.


Erik Hille, SMU Economics PhD student with international experience

No projections has Russia ever coming close to China. China will soon have the largest global economy, and is projected to be the leader for some time with the US and India in 2nd and 3rd place possibly eventually switching their location in the order. The highest Russia ever gets on the long term projection is 6th and most projections don’t even have Russia above 10th.

Wiki has collected multiple sources estimates of this. China will become toeh global leader somewhere between 2020 and 2030.



Alexander Gnum, lived in Siberia (1972-2002)

God only knows what is ahead of us and no predictions are certain. One thing that can be said though.

From the automobile making industry we learned that no matter how large the manufacturer business is, it only takes three unsuccessful car models to ruin it. The same may be true for industrial nations. No matter how large the economy is, still it takes just a few bad years to ruin it. There is no safety in numbers. The larger you are the larger your expenses and risks are.

You can think of it in terms of rent or a workforce. Say you have a large hotel in your ownership. When it is full of guests it makes lots of money. When it stays empty, however, it pours your money out of your pocket at the similar rate. Idle workforce is like an army that eats a lot, but does not produce anything in return. It is very very expensive. The more people you have at your command, the larger the risk of having them out of their jobs.