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Aircraft carrier Shandong in 60 seconds


The Shandong is China's first domestically designed, built and outfitted aircraft carrier. It carries J-15 fighter jets and other carrier-based aircraft. The Type 002 carrier was built by the Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company and was launched on April 26, 2017. It was given the hull number 17, and entered service on December 17, 2019 at a naval port in Sanya, south China's Hainan Province.

山东号是中国第一艘国产设计、建造和装备的航空母舰。它携带歼-15战斗机和其他舰载机。002型航母由大连造船工业公司建造,并于2017年4月26日下水。它被授予舷号17,并于2019年12月17日在中国南部海南省三亚的一个海军港口进入服役。 0

0 Ken Mc Leod Well done China from an Australian. We are not all USA lap dogs!

我作为加拿大人向中国祝贺。我们并非都是美国的走狗!0 0 0 Wennie Cartagena ohh you have an aircraft carrier ? that made in china that sucks !!

哦,你们竟然有一艘航母? 中国造的,很xx!!0 0 antoniolixan Teixeira American aircraft carriers are better

美国航母更好。0 Lucas

it cracks me up! size is tiny and how many Aircraft carrier ccp has?.... 2 only! . this one and Liaoning, which was built by russian in 1985.


笑死我了!这么小,中国有多少航母?只有2艘!这艘和辽宁号,后者还是俄国人1985年造的。0 0 Adnan Afzal Lots of love and respect to China from Pakistan

来自巴基斯坦对中国的热爱和尊敬。0 Logi Cal It's so small. Can it actually carry a few planes, fuel and personnel? It's just so small.

它太小了!究竟能搭载几架飞机,多少燃料和人员?真是太小了!0 Sahan Hasaranga Congratulations china from sri lanka

我在斯里兰卡祝贺中国。0 0 0 Lotus-eater Congrats! Pity that China has to build more arms because of western aggression and threats. The west just cannot stop meddling in other countries. One begins to suspect that it may be genetic. Some gene inherited from their Neanderthal forebears.

恭喜!遗憾的是,由于西方的侵略和威胁,中国不得不建造更多的武器。西方无法停止对其他国家的干预。我们开始怀疑这可能是遗传的。一些遗传自尼安德特人的祖先的基因。0 MrBudha888 China also needs battle ship destroyers, they need to outfit them with EMP capabilities as well.

中国也需要战列舰、驱逐舰,他们还需要给其安装EMP能力。0 Andrewatt Ky so emm, is this the third aircraft carrier by PLA?

这是PLA的第三艘航母吗?0 Capt. Rob Atkinson That's cute. The US navy will make that carrier it's concubine

真可爱,美国海军会让这艘航母相形见绌。0 ZHI WEI WU Don't underestimate the will of the Chinese people, just like in the Korean War, China has nuclear weapons, the Americans dare not!

就像朝鲜战争,不要低估中国人民的意志,中国有核武器,美国人不敢!0 Papyrus Okagbue The US used to keep a harem of concubines around the globe and are losing them over the years. That's why they have to use sanctions and threats of military invasion to keep them in their harem. What a shame for a country professing itself as crusader of freedom.

美国过去在世界各地都有许多小弟,但这些年来这些小弟正在逐渐消失。他们为了维持那些小弟,必须使用制裁和军事入侵的威胁。对一个自称为自由斗士的国家来说,这是多么可耻啊。0 Emilio Xiaotiti Long live CHINA

中国万岁。0 deserteagle7238 Does it have a steam catapault? A ski ramp approach limits the payload of the aircraft.

它有蒸汽弹射器吗?滑跃式起飞限制了飞机的载荷。0 kimhooi mainland china must be on the alx all the time , United Satanists win all the time by using pre-emptive strike tactic . They are good at back stabbibg .

中国大陆必须时刻保持警惕,撒旦合众国总是通过先发制人的攻击策略取胜。他们擅长背后捅刀。0 D M Some little Indian Asan will get triggered by this video soon!

很快就会有一些印度/亚洲的小人被这个视频刺激的跳出来!0 0 0 0 0 Zinc CYanide Zinc CYanide WE WANT MORE 055! MORE 076!! MORE 003!!!

再来5艘!更多的076!更多的003!!!0 0 Roberto Alonso Congratulation, brothers and sisters of China. Greetings from this brazilian friend. 6

恭喜,中国的兄弟姐妹。来自一个巴西朋友的祝贺。0 Hans Cafe Indians are busy building toilets now.

印度人忙着修建厕所。0 0 Hastalavista Baby The last I heard, it's not due to technical problems, their excuse now is coronavirus

我上次听说不是因为技术原因,他们这一次的借口是新冠疫情。0 Flop Flip @Hastalavista Baby The Indians never run out of excuses

印度人的借口永远用不完。0 0 0 yfelwulf Technical like little brown Guys that like to work at a pace just above asleep doing the least amount possible. America's newest Carrier 12 years and still not operational or passed Sea Trials.

那些小黑人机械师喜欢以昏昏欲睡的节奏干活,尽可能的少干活,美国最新的航母已经下水12年了,依然不能运行,或者通过海试。0 0 David Lee To each it's own pace.

每个国家都有自己的节奏。0 David Lee @xxxx who cares you build your own or copy. If you think their copy is no good you should be happy. But if their copy is proving something you may need to be concerned. Black cat or white cat, as long as it can catch mice it is good.

谁在乎是你们自己造的,还是抄袭的。如果你觉得他们抄袭不好,那你应该很开心啊。但如果他们抄袭出来的东西物有所值,那你们就应该担心了。无论黑猫白猫,抓到老鼠就是好猫。0 Social Distancing How dare u undermine us.... Modian want to know ur location

你们竟敢看不起我们……印度人要对你发起跨国追杀。0 Yip LekHong 1 thing I know the Indian Army good at which is acrobatic stunt, where more than 20 over grown men on a Indian made motorcycle, I guess no other circus troup could do that. That alone will definitely scare away even the US Army...

我知道印度军队最擅长的一件事就是杂技,20多名成年男子骑着印度产的摩托车,我猜任何其他马戏团都做不到。单凭这一点就足以吓跑美国军队……0 0 billinsf88 why reinvent the wheel? If something is already working and available just make it better!

谁会重新发明轮子?如果已经有一些管用的东西,而且能够得到,那就只需要把它变得更好!0 LuskyRemiz self develops? Your country couldn’t even make a single piece of tech your country only buy from other country for high price..

自己开发?你们国家连一件高科技产品都造不出来,只会高价从其他国家购买……0 0 0 Kelvin Loh According to The Economist some years ago, there are 2 Indian carriers. One permanently docked at port due to technical problems. The other spends more time at servicing than training at sea (less than 3 months of an annual calendar) (only confined to Indian Ocean, not blue water navy) that renders it non-operational.

根据几年前《经济学人》的报道,印度有两艘航母。一艘由于技术问题,永久性的停在码头里。另一艘维修的时间比海上训练的时间还要久(一年的训练时间不到3个月)(而且仅限于印度有,而不是蓝水海军),差不多没有任务能力。0 K C Koay Money making Boss ST Construction of US aircraft carrier, Gerald R. Ford, officially began on 11 August 2005. It was commissioned in 2017.

美国福特号航母的建造正式开始于2005年8月11日,服役于2017年。0 Money making Boss ST @K C Koay I didn't tell you that. I just tell you that American can built 2 carriers in every year.. they are not doing it because they don't need in urgent. I hope you got it.

我没有那么说。我只是说美国能够每年建造两艘航母。只是因为不着急,所以没有这么做。希望你能明白。0 i m Same situation goes with making of aircraft by india

印度制造飞机的情况也是如此。0 K C Koay Money making Boss ST Today, there is only one country with the industrial might to construct an aircraft carrier in 2 years — that’s China. Construction of the Shandong started in March 2015, and it was launched in April 2017.

今天,只有一个国家有能力在两年内造出一艘航空母舰——那就是中国。 2015年3月开工建设,2017年4月下水。0 andy zhang Endians bought a Money pit from mother Russia and Putin is very thank fuk

印度人就是俄罗斯母亲的钱袋子,普京十分感谢。0 jeezz z @LuskyRemiz Guys Reverse Engineering is as equal to Originally developing it So don't look it down guys

逆向工程等同于原创开发。 所以不要看不起。0 Samuel We all know how india solve their problems.. either by (excuse,pointing fingers,protest,freedom of speech, and violence) that's all... other than that.. india is just nothing....

我们都知道印度是如何解决他们的问题的……从借口、指责、抗议、言论自由和暴力中任选其一,仅此而已……除此之外……印度一无是处……0 vikash kamde thanx for comparing india with china....we will take care next time

谢谢你拿印度跟中国比……我们下次会注意的。0 I2C JAM it's because india respect intellectual property.. and is developing from scratch and not coping

这是因为印度尊重知识产权……并且从零开始开发,而不是抄袭。0 I2C JAM @Kelvin Loh India has only one aircraft carrier at the moment INS vikramaditya and one ins vikrant under final stage of construction which may enter sea trail in 2021 . and also one planned super carrier maybe a Nuclear Or conventional INS visal.

印度目前只有一艘“维克拉玛蒂亚号”航母,还有一艘“维克兰特号”航母正在建造的最后阶段,可能在2021年进入试航阶段。还有一艘计划中的超级航母,可能是核动力,也可能是常规动力。0 Soen Seng Thio @I2C JAM the first aircraft carrier is a design and build in Russia . https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/INS_Vikramaditya With the design of the first aircraft carrier, india modified and build the second aircraft carrier. There is no IP in the design of ships. With modifications, a new set of ship calculations are required. Welding technology are the crucial aspect too. However building an aircraft carrier is different skill set which India shipyards has not mastered. Which resulted the long delay after 2013 launched. Now the expected in service is 2023 which may be too optimistic by some experts . 10 years. 2013 - 2023. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/INS_Vikrant_(2013)

印度第一艘航空母舰是俄罗斯设计和建造的。 借助第一艘航母的设计方案,印度修改并建造了第二艘航母。 在船舶设计中没有知识产权。经过修改,需要一套新的船舶计算方法。焊接技术也是关键的方面。 然而,建造航空母舰是一种全新的技能,印度造船厂还没有掌握。这导致了2013年下水后的长时间拖延。 现在,预计的服役时间是2023年,而有些专家可能这个时间都过于乐观了。0 Kelvin Loh @I2C JAM Honestly, aircraft carriers are not the end all, be all. Doesn't matter the number you have Some say that its a manifestation of national pride and prestige and I do agree with them to some extent on their practical value. Military analysts note that the aircraft carrier path taken by the US Navy is indicative of the future in naval warfare and in building a strong blue water navy but I think different military powers assess it differently and equally, have their valid perspectives.

坦白说,航空母舰并不是最终的目标。拥有多少并不重要。有人说,它是民族自豪感和威望的体现,我在一定程度上同意它们的实际价值。 军事分析人士指出,美国海军的航母路线预示着未来的海战和建立强大蓝水海军的方式。但我认为,不同的军事力量对航母的路线有不同的、平等的评估,他们各自的观点都站得住脚。0 I2C JAM @Soen Seng Thio ins vikramaditya is not the first aircraft carrier to be operated by Indian navy India has earlier operated two carrier ins virat and INS vikrant..

维克拉玛蒂亚号航母并不是印度海军的第一艘航母,印度之前还操作了两艘航母,维拉特号和维克兰特号。0 K C Koay I2C JAM Truth be told, it’s silly to pitch India against China — something only the world hegemon, the United States, would want to see. In fact, as neighbor, with common border, there is only one right path for India and China to go — coexist. Much more the two civilisations have coexisted for thousands of years, there’s no reason to do otherwise.

老实说,让印度对抗中国是愚蠢的做法,只有世界霸权美国乐于看到这种情况。 实际上,作为有着共同边界的邻国,印度和中国只有一条正确的道路可走:共存。这两种文明已经共存了数千年,所以没有理由不这样做。0 Steven Soo India is 25 years behind china

印度落后中国25年。0 Smelly Kumar @Steven Soo Lol, just 25? I'd say atleast half a century. Based on 2018-2019 data China's economy, (GDP) in both nominal and per capita income is 6 times than that of India, with the fastest economic growth, and based on the latest data by the end of these year the GDP per capita income of China would reach 20,000, US,$ (refer wikipedia).

lol,只有25年吗?要我说至少落后半个世纪。根据中国2018-2019年的经济数据,中国的名义和人均收入都是印度的6倍,而且拥有最快的经济增速,而且根据这些年末的最新数据,中国的人均GDP将达到20000美元(出自维基百科)。0 Ivan Freely And yet it sits there at Dalian Shipyard for weeks at a time instead of her homeport. The Liaoning gets used more often. It almost seems the PLA-Navy doesn't know what to do with it.

然而它每次都在大连造船厂待一个星期,而不是在它的母港。辽宁号的使用更加频繁。PLA海军好像不知道拿它干什么。0 LVPN 1 China PLA Navy is modernising itself this is necessary step to meet the challenges and nations who are currently in and around South China Sea.